Wonderland of the Americas landed several GOOOOOOALS with the closing event for Soccer Americas World Cup Month, July 10, 2010.

Approximately 1,200 – 1,250 guests attended our soccer celebration in conjunction with the organization San Antonio Sports’ Fit Family Challenge.  San Antonio Sports created the Fit Family Challenge to improve the health of San Antonio families through family friendly physical activity and nutrition.

In honor of this being our last World Cup Soccer Event (Africa being a theme here), the festivities kicked off with an African drum line that went around every corner of the mall, upstairs and downstairs.  The effect of the drum line was MAGICAL!  People came out of the stores just to see what was happening and quickly gained momentum with group of followers! We just had our very own mini-parade bringing people together to join us at the stage area just in time to watch our opening act. WOW, What a grand entrance!

The mall was a BIG playground for us on this day; Activities ranging from basketball, jump rope, hoola hoop, a BIG shuffle board, bean toss, Wii games, a lot of walkers and 3 indoor-fields for soccer (children who played soccer received professional soccer training by approved professional soccer coaches)!  Besides these activities, we had 22 vendors and organizations (for profit and non-profits)  that offered products, services or food samples that geared towards healthy cooking, medical check ups, health education, family activities and different health services.  Among a few of these organizations, we had Spectrum Health Club, Kids Sports Network, Express News, Well Med, and WOAI Channel 4 TV.  Few of these organizations are direct sponsors for Fit Family Challenge.  In fact, this perfect event-partnership that we enjoyed with San Antonio Sports’ Fit Family Challenge brought Wonderland over $110,000 worth of publicity.  Leading up to this event, their agency of record assembled and coordinated Wonderland of the Americas (as their event location) mentions in: TV commercial spots, TV show, newscasts, and newspaper coverage as well.

Just in case this was not enough FUN, we had continuous entertainment going on as well.  Our main stage had performances by the African drum line, several dance companies, Karate demonstrations, Zumba dance classes and demonstrations, senior square dancers and we culminated the closing ceremony with an appearance from our very own San Antonio-born, world renown boxing champion and the official coach for Fit Family Challenge, Jesse James Leija.   We thanked everyone, guests, vendors and sponsors for their presence and participation as Mr. Leija, Fit Family Challenge representatives and our sponsors distributed all prizes (from our sponsors) through raffles tickets.  Our Marketplace tenant, Mr. Wilson Toudouze, came on stage to promote his store specialty products and other sponsors presented their products too. Prizes sponsors included: Burlington Coat Factory, Whataburger, Soccer World Plus, Boerne Soccer Club, Wienerschnitzel, soccer toys for children from Mexican Candy Brands Lorena and Canel’s (courtesy of mall tenant Toudouze Market), Puma’s exclusive FIFA World Cup banners & posters, and Davis Law Firm t-shirt contribution.

The last 90-minutes of the event we had a second stage area, under Burlington Coat Factory, opposite mall end from the main stage.  Therefore, for a while, we had two stages with live entertainment going on at the same time! Although live performances by different dance companies took place only the last 90 minutes, this second stage served for a live DJ who entertained people throughout the entire 4-hrs. as they waited in line to get their face painted by our professional face painter or to pick up their hot dogs provided by Wienerschnitzel.  There was a moment with the DJ, that he had guests dancing a conga line, the slide dance and some square dancing!  Now, that’s creating family memories!

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